Me for a day

by Mermaid Guitar

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_Me for a day_
As a music fan I have always been an ‘album listener.’ I mean I’ve always listened to entire albums, never skipping songs, because I love the sense of time and place you get from the best records – where rock music and the musicians who made it were at when the record was made.

I don’t remember where the day-in-the-life concept for Me for a day came from. I guess I noticed that a few of the songs were coming from a similar persona and were related thematically. These songs (Fashion Victim, Sometimes Dumb, Never Really Know) all deal with inadequacy, doubt and desire, not necessarily in that order. So from there I started piecing together a thread of other ideas which gradually formed the fabric of the rest of the album, with a rough pattern emerging: the guy’s character, his morning routine, his doubts, his dates, what he would do with his mates.

It was a pretty slow process. This album represents over a year’s work. It’s not supposed to be high art or anything, just an everyday story about a regular guy.


released January 7, 2011

Thanks to all the musicians I’ve played with, especially Brady, Scott and James who helped shape some of these tunes. And Doug for getting me into music in the first place. Most of all, thanks to my wife, Catriona, who did the artwork (used with permission, natch).

Conceived, written and performed by Rich. Recorded in Okayama City, Japan, 2005ish.




Mermaid Guitar Dunedin, New Zealand

Music should be free. If you like it: enjoy it. If you really like it: pay what you feel. Each album has bonus material for download.

Mermaid Guitar music is not earnest navel-gazing. It's indie rock with humour and hidden depths. Influenced by XTC, BNL, Weezer & Elvis Costello.
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Track Name: 5 minutes more

You're talking to me, feels like it is yesterday
As your lips move no sound comes forth
Though it seems I know what you are saying
I'm not really listening - I just drift away

It must be a nice day I dimly comprehend
The redness on the inside of my eyelids
tells me this, as a bellbird's song ends
Cut off by my alarm clock and the shouts of next door's kids

So it all comes rushing in, the things, the thoughts, the din
what I'm doing, where I'm going, today
But I'll put this off some more
That's what the snooze button's for
I want just 5 minutes more

-<( anything as good as this?... )>-

Slowly drifting back
1/2 awake, 1/2 asleep - bliss
The warmth of your breath, your face is so close to mine
As I lean in to kiss

And suddenly your face has changed,
you're the weatherman predicting rain
And the kiss is lost once again
Next door's back door's slamming shut
Across the street a Honda's revving but
I want just 5 minutes more
Track Name: Frank Sinatra

I squeeze open an eye
The clock tells me it's 8:59
But getting up still takes an act of will
Pull across the curtains
Inhale the sweet nastursiums
Baking in the sun on my window sill

Though my eyes are still blinkin'
I stumble to the kitchen
Put the pot on, fill up the caffeine tank
Once that black IV drips away
I'm ready to start my Saturday
And then nothing improves my mood
Like the blue eyed

Put on a little Frank!

Though I know that my voice sucks
I croon away in my dressing-gown tux
Coffee cup mic in my right hand
Hitting top notes that would deter others
Singin' songs for swinging lovers
Listen up - coz here comes the band

Like my mate Chris always used to say
We wait all week for Saturday
Now it's finally here
As I thank the audience I see
My neighbour's been watching me over the fence
So as I back away from the window
I start to think about what to wear today
Track Name: Fashion Victim

What to wear on Monday?
Track suit -
I think I'll wear my 3-stripe track suit
And I'll look good

Walk past my neighbours' houses
Confuse them
Am I wearing shorts or are they trousers?!?

It doesn't matter what I wear
I could be naked for all you care
Well they looked OK when I picked them
But you always treat me like a fashion victim

What to wear on Wednesday?
I think I'll wear my favourite cardy

You know the one with the elbow patches on the sleeves
My stubbies and my walk socks pulled up to my knees
Well they looked OK when I picked them
But you always treat me like a fashion victim

They had labels on the rack
But not the labels I though they had

Try a little punk on Thursday
Afro-disco-funk on Friday

Saturday I'll make a final attempt
Gotta find the gear that won't arouse your contempt
Well they looked OK when I picked them
But you always treat me like
You always treat me like
You always treat me like a fashion victim
Track Name: Che Guevara T-shirt

Got my favourite T-shirt
Better check if it's smelly
Pose for the mirror - very Fonzarelli
Slap on some manly scent, slick back the hair some more
Stride down the hallway and open the door
Stand tall, stick out the jaw, suck the stomach in
I look like George Clooney, but less handsome with a weaker chin

I step out of the house
In my Che Guevara T-shirt
I step down the street
With that sense of street cred radiating from it

My neighbour is out mowing his lawn
Just because it's Saturday morning
He nods hello, carries on with the lawn as I walk past
But I just wait for his surprised downward glance
And the smile breaks on his face, he sees my polyester jewel
And he nods and smiles and I know he's thinking, 'Dude, you're cool'

Me and Che
We've got it made
When I meet you later today
At the Esplanade Cafe

I might not know my history
Che's politics are a mystery to me
But this shirt has a history of it's own
Good things seem to happen when I have it on

Got my first A
My best ever lay
I bought these shoes
And the first time I met you
Track Name: Never Really Know

I remember a time when I was nine
I lost her favourite Valentine necklace
I expected rage or a flood of tears but she stood there
She must have guessed while I confessed
That I was just as distressed as she was, standing, holding back

Was that calmness just pretend?
Did she swear to be avenged?
I guess I'll never really know
Did she wanna punch me in the mouth?
Was that why her folks moved south?
I guess I'll never really know

At university I met I girl called Lee
Kind of reminds me of the same kind of quandary
She was funny and surly, always ordered rice
Always smelled really nice
I always wanted to ask her out but I always chickened out
While smiled at me in that indefinite way

Was she thinking 'Ask me please'?
Would she have brought me to my knees?
I guess I'll never really know
Would the whole thing have been hell?
If there was just some way to tell
But you never really know

Every moment seems like this
Is it really worth the risk?
I wouldn't have to waste my time
If I could read your mind

Life would be so easy if it wasn't fraught with possibility
Those moments when you make a choice
Trying to block that inner voice

What if my parent's had called me Sue?
Or I'd never set eyes on you
I guess I'll never really know
What if I never dare to make
This foolish, rash mistake?
I guess I'll never really know
Track Name: Esplanade Cafe

Fingers tap the table as I try to read
This fascinating story 'bout Harris tweed
Here I sit in our agreed upon place
Tryin' to keep a semblance of composure to my face
I purposely chose this window seat
To get a perfect view of the street
Sweatin' like a pig on heat
My heart skips a beat

Coz here she comes!

The caffeine's gone to my head
A sudden rush, my brain is mush, my tongue feels dead
What could make this hell wothwhile?
I wonder, as you see me, and there's that smile
My stomach flips and then
I fall in love all over again

Coz here she comes!

Euphoria fills me now
I understand how Leo felt on the bow
Words pour out without impediment or stress
The question, then
That smile again
As you wordlessly say, 'Yes'
Track Name: Me for a day

As I step out on the street
I can't feel my feet
Or think straight
But this is a good vibration

I'm on mushrooms, P, red wine
All at the same time
It's something sweet
This is complete elation

Ahhhhh! Ahhhh!

Who'd have thought that as we parted
'See you at the party'
Would be what you'd say and not goodbye?
As I utter 'I can't wait'
We both hesitate - an awkward pause
Is now the right time?

(As I lean in to kiss)
Is anything as good as this?
This feeling is impossible to convey
Everybody should be me for a day
As long as it's today

People passing by avoid my gaze
They think I'm crazed
Who's this guy they wonder
With the madman's eyes
And the 2 foot smile?!?!

People passing by - they look away
They think I'm crazed
They would change their tune
If they'd see through my eyes
And be me today
Track Name: Summer Days

Come on down and sit around some
Bring a friend, some alcohol
Summer Nights spent in a T-shirt
Talk of nothing or anything at all

The food is ready - No, hang on - wait a bit
Experts have to have their say
After we eat grab the acoustic
Don't know the words but that's OK

Coz this is all I want
Listening to what Brady says
This is all I want from Summer Days

Drink sets in, someone gets angry
Someone else is getting blue
The bullshit flies all around us
Latecomers get here right on cue

Eat too much, drink even more
Tomorrow morning there'll be pain
But for now we'll just repeat ourselves
Again - and again...

Coz this is all I want
Listening to what Cat has to say
This is all I want from Summer Days

Same place same people same discussions, repercussions, there's this great CD, you gotta hear it, I'll go get it, past glories, ghost stories, well, whatever takes your fancy, you say you fancy the pants off that Andie MacDowell, I can't believe or condone such a flagrant disregard, of good taste or good sense, man, you've got no defence, hey, What's the Frequency Kenneth?, yeah, it's great but not their best, I downloaded this great version of it live in Stockholm, Hello?, what are you thinking?, what is it that you're drinking, did you try it with some lemon, you can't drink it since the last time, just the smell makes you flinch, as a matter of fact I'm queasy, drink some milk, take it easy, half an hour you'll be fine, I'll see you again next time

It's getting late, we're getting noisy
The neighbours think that we're insane
We know it's nearly time to go
When Jas' starts taking off his clothes again

Coz this is all I want
Listening to the sh*** that my friends say
This is all I want from Summer Days
Track Name: Tomorrow

'Drop me off here,' I say to the driver
'I'll walk home the rest of the way'
I'd like to walk down to my house
Like I did at the start of the day today

Fences and gardens stand silently now
Only one or two lights can be seen
The Honda is back under cover
And his garden shows how busy my neighbour has been

It's coming back to me
Gently I'm turning my key

This is the place where I'll be, tomorrow

Down a curative glass of water
Try to put the day's thoughts in their place
As my mind focuses on you
I can't wipe the goofy smile off of my face

A wisp of wind's blowing in
Rustling the curtains
I lay my head down to the scent of nasturtiums

This is the place where I'll be, tomorrow