Setsu, 節 (September, 9月)

from by Mermaid Guitar

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{first verse}
One hand on the white ring
Head on shoulder, sleeping
Railway crossing
Head snaps to attention
Automatic reflex action

"Momonaku, uchi desu" {"Now approaching: my house"}
There's no phrase more beautiful
One of millions, I egress
Train doors open, I'm on my cycle

Home through the streets of my neighbourhood
See the moon, she nightly rides
As I do, each in different spheres
Such is the rhythm of life
Evening air is cooling
Scents of fish or curry cooking
Bodies refueling

{second verse}
Same in every town
Open windows breathe out sounds
Splashing baths, baseball crowds

Summer heat now Autumn's throng
Fields of rice grow knee-high
Last cicada sings his song
Waited years to accompany my ride


{Wake|Rise|Eat|Go out|Work|Come home|Play|Sleep}

{third verse}
Now down garden path
As daughter struggles with her math
And son plays in the bath
Open door to shut out city
Put on my slippers - they're Hello Kitty
Wife is pretty

"Tadaima" is what I say, {"I'm home"}
“O-Kaeri” comes the reply {"Welcome home"}
Simple words said every day
But words I long for every time I ride...



from Setsu | 節, released November 1, 2016
Cover art by Catriona McKillop, commissioned for this album.




Mermaid Guitar Dunedin, New Zealand

Music should be free. If you like it: enjoy it. If you really like it: pay what you feel. Each album has bonus material for download.

Mermaid Guitar music is not earnest navel-gazing. It's indie rock with humour and hidden depths. Influenced by XTC, BNL, Weezer & Elvis Costello.
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